CQI Workshop – Tamale, Ghana

ghana workshopPhoto Source: Lynda Olivia Rey, OneDrop


In June 2014, 2015,  the WaSH MEL CQI team held a workshop at World Vision in Tamale, Ghana. The workshop was attended by World Vision’s GI-WASH program managers, the Area Development Program (ADP) managers, IRC (International Resource Center from Ghana), Desert Research Institute (DRI), WSA (Water and Sanitation for Africa) and OneDrop/Oxfam from Burkina Faso and Canada.

Mike Fisher and Rohit Ramaswamy from the WaSH MEL team led the group through a week long workshop on WaSH CQI (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Continuous Quality Improvement). The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is supporting efforts by its partners to create and refine advanced monitoring and quality improvement tools for the WaSH sector, and to share these tools broadly with WaSH stakeholders across West Africa and beyond.