WSA Presents Sustainable Water Services Delivery Project Results in Tamale, Ghana


Water and Sanitation for Africa presented the results of their Sustainable Water Services Delivery project at an event hosted by World Vision in Tamale, Ghana. The results represented the culmination of a two-year study of the current status of over 1500 water points in 570 communities in the Afram Plains region of Northern Ghana, conducted using the Akvo-FLOW mobile data collection platform. These included approximately 500 boreholes and hand pumps installed by World Vision and WaterAid, most 10-20 years ago, as well as water points installed by other implementers in the same communities. The results of this study suggested that approximately 80 % of systems were operational on the day they were inspected, while 65% were operational year-round. Approximately 18% (7 samples) of the 38 water quality samples collected showed detectable E. coli contamination, with 2 samples >10 E. coli CFU/100 mL. A copy of the full report is available from WSA, which anticipates presenting its findings in greater detail at the Water and Health Conference in North Carolina, USA in October 2013.